EU GDPR Compliance - how does Bonafeyed help?

The EU GDPR Regulation requires that personal information be kept secured. The core function of Bonafeyed is securing and privatizing data.

For existing Enterprise and Cloud systems, companies can install the Bona-Data™ Appliance and automatically secure data going to database and cloud systems. - No changes are made to the existing system - no client changes, no back-end changes.

Click here to read the GDPR Regulation.

For new developments, the Bonafeyed SDK can be integrated to provide data privatization from the start.

I have a firewall and IDS, why do I need Bonafeyed?

The firewall helps to keep hackers out of your network, but as can be seen in the numerous news reports, hackers are very good at getting past firewalls.

IDS systems may tell you when your network and systems have been compromised. Isn't that a bit too late?

The questions is - "Why did you employ a firewall and IDS?" - because you wanted to keep your DATA safe. But neither actually secures your data.

Bonafeyed secures your data. When the hackers get in, they only get protected data. Which is useless.

Bonafeyed for the iPhone is now available!

You can use Bonafeyed in Guest mode or register a new Bonafeyed account on the web site or within the App.

Tap the Info icon in the App for help.

The same Bonafeyed account works for the browser plugin and the iOS app.

How does the Guest account work?

The Guest account is the fastest way to secure your data and protect it from hackers and data miners. Logging in to Bonafeyed with the account Guest (password can be anything, even empty) you are provided with the Bonafeyed Community group. Everything you protect with Bonafeyed will be viewable by all other Bonafeyed users, but those without Bonafeyed installed, like hackers and data miners, will only see encrypted data. All emails, posts, chats, encrypted under the Bonafeyed Community group stay encrypted across the Internet, on email servers, on chat servers, everywhere. Once the encrypted data arrives at the computer or device of another Bonafeyed user, the data is decrypted automatically.

It seems like the Guest account does everything. Why should I register?

The Guest account is very powerful, however, if you want to organize special groups and target encrypted messages to those groups, you'll need to register so that we can keep track of your groups separately from the Bonafeyed Community group and from the groups of other registered users.

May I see again the overview page with instructions and download links that I received after activating my account?

Sure. Click on the link Overview Instructions

What information does Bonafeyed keep about me?

Nothing. We only maintain your content keys and the relationships of keys to content and users.
When you register you give us your email address and we use it to send you a message to verify the address but we don't keep that email address. This means that we can't sell your email address, we can't spam you, and anyone who hacks into our servers can't get your email address either.

Why do the Bonafeyed placeholder pictures look slightly different from each other?

Each Bonafeyed placeholder picture has information encoded into it using our Patented Steganography technique. The encoded information is different for every Bonafeyed picture.

Does Bonafeyed track what I do?

No. We don't know where your files are located and we never see the data you are posting or reading. However, we do use Google Analytics to give us anonymized information about page hits which helps us determine server load and overall usage.

Can you email me about new updates?

No. We don't keep your email address. You can check back at the web site, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to know about updates and new products.

Does Bonafeyed change my original picture?

No. We store an encrypted copy of it on your personal cloud storage server. The original image always remains on your computer, unchanged.

Does the Bonafeyed process change the quality of my picture?

The encryption process does not alter the quality of the picture. When uploading pictures, you have the option to "Compress Image" (which is the default). Compressing the image does not alter your original picture but does slightly reduce the quality and greatly reduces the size of the copy being uploaded. By reducing the picture size, you and your friends will see the pictures faster. However, if you desire the full high resolution picture be uploaded, simply change the pop-down menu to "No Compression" and the picture will not be altered prior to uploading (it will still be encrypted).

Can I still use groups and permissions on other web sites?

Yes. Bonafeyed does not interfere with those mechanisms.

Do I need to create different groups and users in Bonafeyed for each social media and web site?

No. The groups and users you set up will work across all of them. Using Bonafeyed will be be the last time you ever have to think about users and groups.

What type of encryption does Bonafeyed use to protect my pictures?

We use a Mersene Twister encryption mechanism. We have a Patented method regarding our implementation which makes breaking the encryption more difficult.

Why did I receive an email about Bonafeyed?

We sent you an email because some Bonafeyed user added you to their group of friends. You should only ever get one message like this from us regardless of how many people do this. But, if you have more than one email address, you might get a notification for each one of them.

How can I stop receiving emails from Bonafeyed?

We will only send, at most, a single "Hello" email to any email account. So, you will not receive another email from us.

Who added me to their friends list?

We don't know who specifically added you. But whoever it was either typed your email address or imported their contact list which contained you as a contact.

If I delete a group, what happens to the pictures protected for that group?

The pictures remain protected but no one (other than you) can view them.

How do I protect the content I uploaded before I installed Bonafeyed?

You'll have to upload a new protected copy using Bonafeyed and then delete the old unprotected one.