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Bonafeyed for iOS Version 2.10

To use Bonafeyed on your mobile device, visit the App Store to install Bonafeyed.

Bonafeyed for Browsers Version 2.42

To use Bonafeyed with your desktop or laptop, download Bonafeyed following the directions below.

Bookmark: We suggest that you bookmark this page so that you can return here easily. During the following steps you will restart your browser and this page may be lost. Having the bookmark will enable you to quickly resume the process.

Step 1: Click on the link below corresponding to your browser. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to know about new versions.

Step 2: Each browser has a slightly different way to install plugins. Often, you can double-click the downloaded file and it will install. In other cases you will need to start your browser and navigate to a plugins page, at which time you will drag and drop the Bonafeyed file onto the browser window.

In all cases, after installing a plug-in, or confirming activation/enabling of a plug-in, restart your browser.

When manually updating to a new version of Bonafeyed, please uninstall the previous version, prior to installing a new version.

email us at with any issues.