Transparent Data Security

Worldwide, enterprises are experiencing a massive number of data breaches. According to, more than 14 billion data records have been lost or stolen since 2013. Data continues to be a valuable asset for Enterprise and now is a liability given recent data protection regulations. IT is faced with the difficult task of finding a solution that goes beyond traditional perimeter security and ensuring that data shared outside their security domain remains protected. Three solutions come to mind that tackle the basic job of protecting data but all distrupt workflows and address only a portion of the problem, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), discrete file encrytion and application file passwording. Anytime a change to workflows require extra steps, or limits usage, the solution fails to be ubiquitous. When protection is transparent to users, data security can address all data not just a subset and adoption is universal.

Encrypting file attachments, using Public/Private key encryption systems, application file passwording or DLP data protection systems normally requires extra steps by both the sender and the recipient(s). Bonafeyed‘s approach makes the tedious task of cryptography, encryption key management and access control completely transparent to users with the goal of protecting all data, data types and size of data no matter where it’s shared or how it is utilized.

Cy4Secure data security solution works behind the scenes such that all data is encrypted using 800-bit keys just before sending to either email servers, websites, cloud applications or message/text systems. In turn, when recipients receive Bonafeyed encrypted data and the user is authorized, it is unencrypted without the recipient having to run separate security software or lookups or ask for passwords from the sender to gain access to the data or communications. The “clear” data is made available within the application or web browser for the users.

Eliminating the arduous task of data encryption now ensures that all data is protected when shared with others and its security remains in the control of the sender or data owner. When Cy4Secure protected data is lost, stolen, abandoned or forgotten, it remains secure and becomes permanently inaccessible once access is removed or retired ensuring cybercriminals or non-authorized users only obtain unintelligible data.



Multi-factor System Ensures Recipients are Authorized to View Protected Data