Bonafeyed for Browsers


Bonafeyed For Browsers allows you to post encrypted pictures and text to Facebook and to send and receive encrypted emails with Gmail and Yahoo mail. It also works with many other websites and more are enabled everyday.

Bonafeyed installs directly in your browser (Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome presently supported). That way it integrates seamlessly and becomes a discrete part of your daily browsing and sharing. You can turn it off at anytime by clicking on the eye on the floating window and then turn it back on when needed. A button embedded in your browser’s Address Bar allows you to login and access your customized settings.

Access to encrypted content is then automatic. Simply include your friends in your group and they will be able to see your content. If they add you, then you’ll be able to see their content. As a Bonafeyed user, you decide which friends can decrypt what. (Bonafeyed supersedes any other privacy settings.)

A guest access feature allows you to start encrypting within the Bonafeyed community without having to even register an account with us and create specific groups.

People who don’t belong to the Bonafeyed community or haven’t been granted BY YOU rights to decrypt your content will only see encrypted eyes (instead of pictures) or gibberish (instead of text).


  • Built using Javascript - compatible with most browsers
  • Patented steganography and cryptography technology for increased security
  • Seamless integration – Since our software installs in your browser, it doesn’t conflict with your usual browsing. User experience remains unchanged.
  • A new button is added on your browser’s Address Bar. It will either be the Bonafeyed logo or a button with the letter B. Clicking this button allows you to configure Bonafeyed as well as login to the Bonafeyed server to retrieve your customized settings.
  • In the lower right of the screen is a floating window. This window allows to easily pause the automatic operation of Bonafeyed encrypting all posts and uploads.
  • Privacy by design - We don’t keep your email address. We send you an email to validate your account activation, but we don’t store your address. This means that we can’t contact you for any reason. You need to follow us on Twitter or check the Bonafeyed website to know the latest news. Of course, since we don’t store your email address, we can’t spam you, sell your email, or leak it to hackers.
  • Mining software made irrelevant - Cloud companies don’t have your pictures or messages in a form that is useful for mining, resale or republication. Information on the cloud servers is encrypted.
  • Guest access - immediately protect your content from data mining without registering.
  • User managed access rights – If you choose to register an account, you can create, add and remove friends from groups at any time – even after the encrypted content has been uploaded, posted, or sent. No limit on groups or users in groups.
  • Automatic encryption/decryption - When browsing Facebook or reviewing emails on Gmail or Yahoo Mail, your friends’ content is automatically decrypted. Posting encrypted comments/status updates on Facebook and writing emails is automatic also. Other websites will require you to click Ctr/Alt/B after composing your text to encrypt it before posting.
  • We don’t store your data - Posting encrypted pictures requires a cloud storage provider account and signing in beforehand so the encrypted file can be retrieved before posting (automatic).