Cy4Secure Data Security

Bonafeyed‘s Cy4Secure is a data security solution that protects data or information when it is shared to others, through or in the cloud or an application. It is fully interoperable with today’s security technologies covering detection, prevention and transportation, and represents the last line of data protection after a security breach. Our approach secures data when sent to other enterprise or security domains, placed in backups or archives and continues to protect data after sent to endpoint devices. Cy4Secure performs 800-bit encryption, multi-factor authentication, and password-less data cryptography without impacting user workflows. When compared to other solutions, Cy4Secure goes beyond simple file encryption by protecting data within a database or SaaS driven CRM, ERP, accounting, cloud storage, collaboration applications, or traditional office applications, and messaging systems.

The underlying problem to data breaches is a general lack of awareness and understanding of how to protect data itself. Data protection regulations don’t necessarily specify how to safeguard data, only that “somewhere” encryption is utilized. Traditional cybersecurity tries to detect and prevent unauthorized access at the edge of an enterprise, but once a cybercriminal penetrates any ring of the perimeter, data is freely available. Data protected by Cy4Secure remains safe even while IT applies patches and updates to fix regularly discovered exploits to perimeter security. When Cy4Secure protected data is lost, stolen, abandoned or forgotten, it remains secure and becomes permanently inaccessible once access is removed or retired ensuring cybercriminals or non-authorized users only obtain unintelligible data.

Cy4Secure Data Security can be deployed in minutes. All internal data communications are transparently protected without impacting users’ common workflows. Data protection is fully automatic or as easy as hitting one button. External customer/clients perform a simple 2-factor authentication to validate and allow access to protected data. Most important is that each data communication can be independently encrypted/protected. No two data files or elements are required to share the same authorization requirements. Bonafeyed delivers privacy in plain sight!

Markets and Applications:


Data Regulations

Data Security Applications

Legal Firms

ABA 477R

Texts, Emails, Files, SaaS Storage, 3rd Party SaaS

Fortune 1000


Databases, SaaS, Texts, Emails, Files, Web Apps



PHI, 3rd Party Contractors, BYOD, Databases, Web Apps

Global 1000


PII, Emails, Files, 3rd Party SaaS, Web Apps



PCI, PII, Emails, Web Apps, SaaS

Feature Comparison:

Key Features



Encryption Strength

800-bit Stream Cipher

18-year-old AES-128/256 Block Cipher

Application Agnostic


No; limited use cases

Transparent Protection


No; requires extra steps

3rd Party SaaS Data Protection


No or limited

Multi-Factor Authentication


Some not all

Dynamic key generation & rotation


No; limited key usage and re-keying

FIPS 140-2 Certified



HIPAA, PCI, PII Qualified


Yes; using SSL or DLP

Endpoint Integration

Developers can Integrate Seamless Data Security Capabilities into Their Applications