Bona-Share™ securely stores files and allows them to be securely shared with others. Bona-Share is a secure alternative to other file sharing systems like DropBox™,™, Google Drive™, OneDrive™, etc.

Bonafeyed encrypts files before they leave the user device; therefore, file security is not affected by known nor by not-yet-discovered vulnerabilities in other systems like SSL/TLS.

Bonafeyed encrypts data before it leaves the device, and data remains encrypted until it’s displayed on an authorized device. As a result, when the rest of the infrastructure breaks down, Bonafeyed data remains secure.

Bona-Share allows customized group sharing, manages an audit log of all files, and supports all standard browsers.

Files stored with the Bona-Share service are kept in a file store that is not accessible via a network. The proprietary technology basically keeps all files in "cold storage". Even successful hacking of the public facing servers providing the service front-end does not provide access to the file stores.


Multi-factor authentication is required to gain access to Bona-Share. Users are provided a TOTP token for usage during the login process. Because the system is significantly more secure than other systems, we want to guard against nefarious use. To that end, we require accurate KYC information for users of the system. The KYC information is securely stored in a Bona-Share system.

Bona-Share Appliance is available for companies that desire an on-premises installation. Please contact us for more details.


Contact us at to request access to our demo system and see first-hand Bona-Share in action.