Bona-Data™ Appliance

Bona-Data™ compliments existing security hardware, software, and infrastructure by encrypting data while transferred and stored - this means that if a hacker is able to access data, they cannot see, read or exploit the data because it will appear as gibberish.

Bona-Data manages all of the data security to and from any cloud application. Bonafeyed is data-centric. That is, it operates on the data independent of the protocol or data structure.

Bonafeyed encrypts all cloud application data before it is stored in the cloud and decrypts the data when it is en route to the client application. The cloud system is not negatively impacted – it has no idea that the data is encrypted. Additionally, when the cloud server is hacked and the data stolen, the hackers will only have encrypted data.

There is no change to application functionality. Continue to add/delete/edit/search/post within the application as usual. Bona-Data takes care of securing the data so that the data is protected from hackers.

Patented technology is used to protect the data without impacting system performance.

Bonafeyed works just as well with commercial applications like SalesForce and Facebook Workplace as it does with proprietary enterprise applications like CRM or Health Information Systems.

There are no other components. No extra databases. No extra software. No extra routers. No extra networks. No hidden search engines. No language translators. No meta data. No javascript injections. "We", Bonafeyed, LLC, never see or touch the data. The IT manager simply installs Bona-Data, describes the cloud system, updates the configuration so Bona-Data exists between the client side and server side, and Bona-Data does the rest.


Our preference is to provide Bona-Data as a configured and optimized appliance. However, we realize that the architecture of some enterprises require systems to run in a virtualized manner. We support the primary container models, so we can deliver Bona-Share in a way that integrates with your architecture.


Contact us at to request access to our demo system and see first-hand Bonafeyed in action.